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Due to the critical nature of business, many mission critical data center installations are conducted on weekends or evenings to minimize network downtime and disruption. Flexibility and growth are driving factors when it comes to these complex environments which have led to the growing popularity of scalable and modular structured cabling solutions. Pre-terminated cabling systems were designed specifically to accomplish these objectives.

Here are some of the main benefits when considering RapidNet:

  •  Ensured performance, factory tested
  • Supports both fiber and copper mediums
  • Supports Migration from 1GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE to 100GbE
  • Faster installations, more than 85% faster than traditional field-terminated assemblies
  • Minimized network downtimes and lessened security risks
  • Immediate and continuing return of investment
  • Available as a Zero U Solution
  • Improved cable management and cost-effective work force utilization
  • Flexibility for a variety of applications
  • Easier and more accurate job estimations

RapidNet is a pre-terminated cabling solution that provides data centers with the reliability and flexibility they require to increase density and bandwidth, maximize processing capacity, address space constraints, and reduce operational costs. 

Suitable applications include Mission Critical Data Centers, Central Offices, CATV Headends, Enterprise Data Centers, Disaster Recovery, Redundancy Planning, and Temporary Networks.

This pre-terminated, pre-tested solution leaves no excess waste, provides a lower cost of ownership, and minimizes downtime while maintaining reliability.

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