WireXpert 4500 WX-AD-MPO-KIT MPO/MTP fiber adapter kit

WireXpert 4500 WX-AD-MPO-KIT MPO/MTP fiber adapter kit

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WireXpert 4500 multimode fiber testing kit enables data center IT managers to get quick and accurate assessment of the quality of MPO links.

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  • Performs autotest in less than 5 seconds and includes a detection of fiber connection map and measurement of loss on each channel.
  • Performs incoming inspection of MPO components like cassettes.
  • Includes light source, power meter, a pair of unpinned to pinned Type A test cords, a pair of type A adapters, one unpinned to unpinned type A reference cord, one unpinned to unpinned type B reference cord, MPO cleaning kit.
  • A typical test setup consists of WireXpert local unit with MPO power meter adapter, and the remote unit with MPO light source adapter attached.
  • A multimode fiber adapter can be attached to the WireXpert local unit for testing individual fibers in MPO link.

Product Specifications | Vendor Approval List | A scalable testing platform for the future

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